liquid humic fertilizer from peat
(developed with the participation of Agrophysical Institute of All-Russian Academy of Agricultural Science (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

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Our company "Agrophysproduct" Llc. manufactures a liquid humic fertilizer "Stimulife" Humic acids which are a chief constituent of soil matter, that contributes to soil and increase the fertility of it. It comprises hydroxyl, carboxylic, phenolic hydroxyl, and active groups. Humic acids are naturally derived from the breakdown of plant and microbial matter. "Stimulife" being a product of processing of natural peat contains 2,5 % dry matter with 70-80 % humic acids salts and enriched with more than 30 microelements.

     "Stimulife" Seeds Treatment:

  • Increases seeds germination, survival rate of seedlings
  • Improves the saplings root formation
  • Possesses fungicide activity
     "Stimulife" Foliar Application:

  • Improves nutrient uptake through the leaves and roots
  • Improves the effectiveness of micronutrients
     "Stimulife" Soil Application:

  • Improves the soil structure and fertility
  • Promotes root development
  • Reduces nutrient losses
  • Improves nutrient uptake by the root system
  • Improves soil microflora

  • The preparation expense - 0,3 liters / 1 hectare
  • Increases yield on 15-80%
  • Improves quality of plants, increasing amino acid content and decreasing nitrates in 1,5-3 times
  • Can be applied to all crops, flowers, and grasses in all soil - climatic zones
  • Suitable for blending with inorganic fertilizers (excepting phosphorous) and pesticides to enhance nutrient exchange and protects from phytopathogens
  • It is nontoxical for the person and warm-blooded animals
  • Is easily to apply at a crop processing by agricultural aircraft

Stimulife is recommended to apply in a modern agriculture on farming fields, in private subsidiary farming, nursery gardens, in greenhouses

The application of "Stimulife" may be the most practical decision!

1. Preparation of working solution / consumption rate of working solution

Time Treatment Characteristics WORKING SOLUTION Mass / treatment area
"Stimulife" Water or tank mixe
Entering into the soil before planting, sowing 0,5 liter 300 liters 1 ha
Seeds preplanting treatment 0,05 liter (!) 10 - 20 liters 1 tone of seeds
Foliar plants treatment (1-3 times during vegetative period) 0,25 - 0,3 liters 50 - 300 liters (depends on consumption rate) 1 ha
Soil plants treatment using different system of watering (1-3 times during vegetative period) 0,25 - 0,3 liter 50 - 300 liters (depends on consumption rate)) 1 ha

Warning: "Stimulife" solution in concentration exceeds recommended inhibits plant growth.

2. Rules of "Stimulife" application

Culture Seed preplanting treatment Foliar plants treatment during the vegetative period
1-st spraying 2-nd spraying 3-d(4-th) spraying
Wheat winter, wheat Spring rye winter, Oats, Barley winter and spring Seeds treatment Tillering Beginning of a stem elongation Flowering beginning of milky stage
Maize Seeds treatment Appearance of 3-5 leaves In 10-15 days after the 1-st spraying In 10-15 days after the 2-nd spraying
Buckwheat Seeds treatment Beginning of budding In 10-15 days after the 1-st spraying  
Panicum, Sorghum Seeds treatment   Beginning of paniculation  
Pea, Soybean Seeds treatment seedlings, at the appearance of 2-3 leaves From the appearance of 5-6 leaves-to paniculation flowering stage
Clover, Alfalfa Seeds treatment Seedling stage Vegetation stage Shooting stage
Winter rape, Spring rape, Bird rape Seeds treatment From Seedling stage to Appearance of first leaves pair Beginning of formation of leaf rosette-branching budding stage
Lint Seeds treatment Seedling stage In 15-20 days after the 1-st spraying In 15 days after the 2-nd spraying
Sunflower Seeds treatment Seedling stage Formation of 3-4 leaves pairs In 15 days after the 2-nd spraying
Sugar beet, Red beet Seeds treatment From Seedling stage to Appearance of 2-3-d leaves From Stage of formation of 3-4 leaves pairs-to Closing of crop  
Potato Soaking of potato tubers during 15 hours before planting Seedling stage Budding stage  
Flower crop Soaking of tubers, bulbs, seeds, sprigs during 15 hours From Seedling stage- to Appearance of 2-3-d leaves Stage of appearance of 5-7 leaves Budding stage
Tomato, Cucumber, Marrow, Patty pan squash, Aubergine Soaking of seeds before planting during 18-20 hours Stage of appearance of 2-4 leaves Budding stage From Beginning of flowering to fruitage
Cabbage Soaking of seeds before planting during 15 hours On 2-3 days after planting From Stage of leaves whorl-to Setting of cabbage head In 10-12 days after the 2-nd spraying
Carrot Soaking of seeds before planting during 15 hours From Seedling stage- to appearance of 1-2 leaves Appearance of 2 leaves In 10-15 days after the 2-nd spraying
Onion, Raddish Soaking of seeds before planting during 15 hours Appearance of 2-3 leaves In 10-15 days after the 2-nd spraying In 10-15 days after the 2-nd spraying

The following safety provisions apply to handling "Stimulife":

"Stimulife" is rated as hazardous matter Class IV; its contacts with eye conjunctiva may cause irritation. Use of goggles and rubber gloves is recommended

     In case of "Stimulife" contact with:

  • skin You should to wash affected areas with water;
  • conjunctiva, mucous coats of nose or mouth You should to wash immediately and abundantly affected areas with water or 2% baking soda solution (1 teaspoon per glass of water)

"Stimulife" containers should be stored in a dry room, inaccessible for children and animals, separately from food products, at temperature -10 to +50 C (liquid forms) Used packing materials shall be disposed as domestic garbage.

The price and packing

Flexible discount system.
"Stimulife" concentrated humic fertilizer is packed into plastic containers in different volumes 0,5 L, 10 L and 20 L.
Period of storage 3 years
Optional (at will of the customer) Product may be packed in plastic or metal container in volume of 200 litres.

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The developer, registrant and the manufacturer of "Stimulife" is Limited liability Company "Agrophysproduct" (Procedure Specification 2186-016-79850210-2007)

The Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspection Report N from 11/1/2007

The Certificate on the State Registration of agrochemical N 1264-08-206-317-0-0-0-1

There are necessary certificates of conformity (Russia)